While „elaborate“ is a stretch by any measure, morning may have been a deliberate choice on their part if they discerned that Trump retweets more first thing in the morning. (There is no readily discernable pattern in the account’s 1900+ tweets.) It’s conceivable that at six in the morning, the presidential hopeful might, still groggy, have mistaken the dead fascist for a fellow traveller, and he was unconcerned about the details. That should have been enough information.

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1990, with Trump Taj Mahal in trouble, Trump’s father Fred strolled in and bought 700 chips worth a total of $3.5 million. The purchase helped the casino pay debt that was due, but because Fred Trump had no plans to gamble, the New Jersey gaming commission ruled that it was a loan that violated operating rules. Trump paid a $30,000 fine..

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