The 1994 crimes, said Superior Court Judge John Ouderkirk, were made more despicable,“ and Brambles more blameworthy, because police know the emotional toll which violent crime leaves with its victims.You got to see the fear and terror in the eyes of each victim but still went on over a four month period,“ Ouderkirk said during a sentencing hearing, which included testimony from several of Brambles‘ victims. The defendant has no remorse for the pain he has inflicted.“Brambles, 47, will be in his 90s before he becomes eligible for parole.Isn’t it wonderful?“ one rape victim said while embracing another victim after the hearing.Many victims in the spree of robberies and rapes in the San Fernando Valley and the mid Wilshire area had written to the judge asking for stiff punishment. They wrote about their continued nervousness, crying spells, a marriage thrown into turmoil, the loss of a business because of their fear.Even when I walk on the street, I’m afraid that I’m going to look down and see a gun pointed at me,“ said Michelle Weller, who was robbed while working in a Studio City flower shop.She and others also expressed shock and disillusionment that someone sworn to protect them would rape and rob.Brambles, who sat quietly through the hearing, maintains his innocence.

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