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Siehe auch Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 21.12.2010.

Community group calls for lower speeds near West Hobart schools

The West Hobart Residents Traffic Committee has become increasingly concerned about the level cheap nfl jerseys of traffic in built up areas.

Member Di Elliffe said a speed limit of 50km/h was inappro for a neighbourhood area.

really concerned about the safety risk to residents, which is caused by the fact that West wholesale jerseys china Hobart is definitely a rat run to the city from the northern suburbs and the number of vehicles is increasing and will continue to, Ms Elliffe said.

lot of people are really quite scared about crossing the street and not many parents will let their children walk or ride to school. Hobart City Council infrastructure committee voted on Wednesday night in favour of Alderman Anna Reynolds notice of motion to write to the State Government urging it to create cheap jerseys a playground zone speed limit of 40km/h near the Caldew Park.

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limits are a tricky issue but the trend internationally and nationally is that neighbourhood streets, particularly ones with the shops, schools and playgrounds, are moving to 40km/h and even 30km/h in some cases, Ald Reynolds said.

Lansdowne Crescent Primary School principal Monique Carter said she was aware of traffic concerns and near misses with children crossing the road.

am fully supportive of a change to the speed limit near the train park and also safety measures at the other roundabouts in Hill St, Ms Carter said.

A council report said the crash performance of the roundabout at Hill and Warwick Sts was good considering the volume of traffic.

Council acting general manager Heather Salisbury said the Southern Integrated Transport Plan 2010 provided a strategic framework to transport issues over the next 20 years.

is currently concentrating on providing input into regional strategies and transport issues are considered in a co manner to support council projects that will provide significant benefits, such as the redevelopment of the Hobart Bus Mall, reconstruction of Liverpool St, various cycleway projects and black spot projects, Ms Salisbury said.

Robin Charles Halton of North Hobart Posted at 7:37 AM April 01, 2015

Comment 32, Many sections of the Lyell Highway ice up during winter during periods of heavy frosts and snow, black ice is another not so obvious to the eye especially before dawn that can unexpectedly fool the best of drivers. Gravel roads were more predictable and easier to navigate owning to the rougher and uneven surface. Bitumen surfaces despite advances in public road upgrading brings with it a skid pan effect once the pavement freezes. The answer was a couple of butts of sand tied in the boot of light tailed FX and FJ Holdens would help greatly to stabilize driving on freezing road surfaces with steady and not sudden bursts of cheap nfl jerseys acceleration to maintain momentum and a reasonable line of foward direction.Articles Connexes: