Individuen oder Gruppen bedienen sich passiv vorhandener Ressourcen. Räumlich kann das bedeuten, dass sich Territorien auf die Gruppen Anspruch erheben konfliktfrei überlagern können. In der Soziologie wird der Begriff auch als die nonverbale Kommunikation von Nutzungsansprüchen verstanden. Mathias Mitteregger

Traditionally the notion is related to power structures, property, dominance and control determining space. A territory is based on the existence of passive resources, to be administered to make them accessible, measurable and exploitable. Parallel to this territory development from an administrative term to a notion of the enlightenment. Crossing territorial borders like in social mobility within the classes and among the societies became one of the most important aspects of the ideal of the enlightenment. On a bigger scale the territory itself becomes a new category of resource resulting in an unified market for goods and services. Due to its money, its language, its systems of transport and communication and many other media a territory not only becomes a market but also provides meaning and identity. Many interactions between resources, administration and market unfold medial effect on the basis of these material conditions. Hence opening the potential to redefine

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the traditional notion. Oliver Schürer

On the relationship of environment + territory in Uexkull:
“Territory is purely a problem of the environment because it represents an exclusively subjective product… Any piece of land at all would seem to be a political map for all species if one were to

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inscribe these territorial areas into it, and this demarcation would be established through attack and defence. It would also turn out that, in many cases, no more free land at all is available, and one territory bumps against another.”

Environments are products of perception signs that are awakened by external stimuli. But the demarcation of a territory constitutes an exception to this rule, since it could be ascribed to no sort of external stimuli but represented free productions of the subject. These subjective productions had developed in connection to repeated personal experiences of the subject. Ebru Kurbak

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