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canada goose clearance The fact that Russell has worked as a consultant for a large number of WWII documentaries is with a high likelihood the reason why the „Wewelsburg safe“ tends to come up in documentaries like this.However, even if we assume that the safe existed for the sake of argument, the context of canada goose outlet near me what we know about the Wewelsburg and the work habits of Heinrich Himmler tell us that the safe most likely didn contain any super secret documents that would have been contained historical revelations on a grand scale.Wewelsburg was despite its frequent portrayal in popular media as a place of canada goose outlet michigan mystery and the occult a place that ultimately was of secondary or even tertiary importance within the SS itself. While Himmler was a fan and had grand plans for what to do with it, the actual usage during the Third Reich was a rather limited affair and very little of Himmler grand plans for the castle came ever to fruition (including the Coat of Arms collection or the death head ring collection). Only one meeting of high ranking SS officers ever took place there in June 1941 as ideological preparation for the war against the USSR and according to the transcripts no decision was made there canada goose clearance.

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