1 class changes are not enough

Discussion of the feel of rotations, pacing of rotations, complexity, lack of complexity, awkwardness of button interactions all of those things are still ongoing and useful but we going to start soon target 8.1, our first major patch, for where those changes might land because we need the time to iterate on them further and get them right. And, some specs that I know that we have been talking about recently based on a lot of forum feedback, enhancement shaman, shadow priest, elemental shaman to an extent, canada goose clearance sale and there may be room to to make some changes sort of more targeted and surgically, but in terms of broad sweeping changes canada goose that gonna have to wait for a patch.

Enhance finally got their changes last week, which completed the trifecta of disappointment. All three listed specs got simple, canada goose coats on sale hotfix able skill changes and talent tweaks. For example, both Ele and Shadow have talents that add a second charge to their core rotation, both feel bad to play without, and both have been asking for 2 charges baseline since Beta. But Blizz didn even throw us that bone. (Raging Blow got a 2nd charge in beta when dev acknowledged „that doesn feel good“.)

Honestly. What the fuck is going on with Blizzard?After reading a bit of every class feedback threads the most common bit of feedback I saw was making some „mandatory“ talents baseline. There is a general consensus that most classes are, or at least feel, under kitted. This is probably a symptom of Artifacts being removed and not being properly compensated for it. Azerite was supposed to fill that role but that just hasn panned out and i doubt adding another ring with just more of the same bland traits(from what ive seen datamined) are going to fix it. I feel like they really missed a opportunity to add another talent tier.

It is shocking to me that meaningful character progression just stops at 110. I really hope that they plan on expanding class kits in 8.2 or adding some other layer of progression to give us power back. It the third expansion in a row where they removed base abilities and made some of them into talents. How much can you remove until a spec feels broken? And in my opinion a lot of specs feel broken right now. DPS have barely any buttons to press and of those skills they have left, there is usually no interactivity between them. You just use what is ready.

Remember that quest in MoP in Jade Forest I think, where you get this special bar canadian goose jacket with 3 skills, which are basically just „deal damage with no cooldown“, „deal a lot of damage with a small cooldown“ and „deal all the damage with a high cooldown“. That how many dps specs feel right now. and make it a talent.

I don’t care how interesting those talent choices are. canada goose coats Any baseline spell that moves to a talent row is a loss: either you lose that talent row as an option, or you lose that ability because it was sat next to something super strong.

And many of the baseline abilities they raped were ones we had for years. Mortal coil, demonic portal, grounding totem, cyclone, fucking disarm (seriously I have to talent now for something my character has known how to do for 12 years? Did I get amnesia?), ascendance, the list goes on for every class. It always been canada goose outlet there via getting more powerful gear, Canada Goose online but Legion brought it to a new level via Artifacts and Legendaries, tying in your character power progression solely to the gear you get (100 110 gave us nothing new for our characters either, but we „leveled“ our Artifacts).

With the loss of Artifacts the only workable solution in my mind was to go the opposite direction and give us more profound character progression that isn tied to a piece canada goose black friday sale of gear. New talents, ability branches, baked in abilities from artifacts, any of those or all of them.

Sadly, they doubled down on the no character progression bit with azerite gear and an almost laughable devotion Canada Goose Outlet to avoiding expanding the talent system, while simultaneously killing off the class identity and spec identity they worked so hard to achieve in legion (to varying results, of course).

What hurts most is knowing what could been. We could had azerite gear, an extra talent row, revised talents with some artifact abilities baked in, tier sets (even reducing them to just a 2 and 4 pieces would been better than removing them), and the minimal spec reworks the beta did bring us (fury comes to mind). Paladins used to have Auras, Blessings, and Seals all cheap Canada Goose base line. Mind you, I not advocating to rewind time but why does my prot paladin not have an aura? or blessing to put on other people full time?

Blizzard has opted for a numbers in, numbers out balancing strategy that goes against a lot of the core values of their class design. Warriors, all of them, used to have stances. Imagine if Warriors had to Canada Goose Jackets stance dance as a tank to optimize their DPS. Imagine if every class had most of their tools and the specialization you chose just added things, instead of canada goose store gutting core class components.

That is my biggest beef with WoW buy canada goose jacket atm, and Legion had the same problems. Artifacts just gave you cool compensation that was flashy and distracted.

Edit: To elaborate on „laziness“ I don mean that they feel like doing Canada Goose sale less. But it canada goose deals more they don want to deal with „Omg, Ret paladins are too strong and bring Devo Aura, so that makes a guild care less about holy paladins and therefor we need to compensate them blah blah“So true. Really frustrating as a Guardian to have core QoL canadagoosejacketoutlett aspects such as the snare (that every tank still had access to now beside bears) start as something we always had through expansions as canada goose clearance baseline, then removed to be added as some „shiny new Artifact trait“, to then have that removed too and not have it moved back to baseline, leaving us then at a very glaring disadvantage. Same thing with berserk and thick hide, and the whole MoU removal.

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