This is just a recycling of the old so called angry white male. The term was coined by political analyst and then GOP strategist Kevin Phillips during Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1968. Nixon stoked the fury of blue collar, white, rural voters with his slam of the Democrats for coddling criminals, welfare cheats, and fostering a culture of anything goes permissiveness, and of course, big government Great Society pandering to the poor.

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I hate them so much. I can stand it. I can stand them or the spineless company known as Arenanet. „And what we find is that it follows a curve of diminishing returns as you use more resources you get less social bang for your buck,“ says O’Neill. „So there’s a turning point after which additional resource use contributes very little to social performance.“ Wealthy industrialized nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have reached that point, says O’Neill. „As we increase our resource use, we get almost no increase in human well being from that.“.

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