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Hermes Handbags No visit to Cape Town is complete without circumnavigating the peninsula, travelling south from the city, Waterfront or Camps Bay (the most popular areas where visitors choose to base themselves) along the M3, stopping at Kirstenbosch (these gardens are essential viewing) and visiting a few Constantia wineries en route (Klein Constantia and Eagles Nest make a good contrast). I’d recommend you stop for lunch in the charming seaside village of Kalk Bay, and set aside an hour or so to browse the quaint shops and art galleries there (or revisit them at a later time), before tackling Cape Point and Chapman’s Peak Drive. Llundudno, Clifton and Boulders are the city’s prettiest beaches. Hermes Handbags

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But we must do more than say their names. We must get involved and create tangible change for the community in whatever quantity and method we are able to do so. In addition to awesome lists by Autostraddle and Black Girl Dangerous, here are some ways you can make an impact and help support trans communities, especially trans women of color:.

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