The wearable Prototype is a research tool designed for a subjective approach of public space. In the perspective of a wearable device it adds an additional layer to our own abilities of sensing, processing and reacting to information we perceive in public space. As our perception of reality turns out not to be neutral, but highly dependent on subjective evaluation, we do not see the world as it is. Rather we perceive it as it appears to us, and every act of perception becomes inherently an act of interpretation based on human needs, desires, believes and experiences. Our genes and our lives’ experiences eventually provide the framework for how our perception is structured, filtered and evaluated.

Our technical prototype is meant to be an experimental tool that gives a certain twist to this perceptual framework by superimposing additional sensing, processing and actuating facilities in addition to the senses we already have. It takes conditions of perception as variables of unstable nature, consisting of physical and technical input data that become converted into symbols. Input of both, spatial conditions and wearers choice, is being absorbed by the prototypical system with the aim of creating its own vocabulary. This is what we call “subjective” approach in the sense of a self-contained set up which defines itself through its implementation in time, free of presets opening the possibilities for interesting deviations in behavior. The system is supported by software and hardware components, as well as by a physical user-space interface.

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