We decided to interact with the sensitive region of shoulder and neck, and to deliver acoustic as well as vibrating signals to be perceived by various senses including the skin. The skin can be interpreted as a place where the body ends but also where the exchange with its surrounding begins. This change of meaning of the skin, referred to non-close spaces or the place of the “in-betweenness” in reference to Michel de Certeau’s book called “The Practice of Everyday Life”. The concept of “In-betweeness” describes a condition of perennial change, where often antagonist states meet with allowing or conflicting identity. The “In-betweeness” is a place of exchange, of constant movement, of the not categorized, a place of epistemological and ontological crisis, an unstable transition zone.

The wearable prototype deals with the effort of transformation beyond mapping and analysis, in connection to the users experience and collected data in public space. Indeed the skin is at some point a kind of intermediate territory between the software and the user. The experience is given practically directly to the users perception with no particular expectation as it does not reveal any meaning of the collected information it conveys. It rather tries to melt into to the overall sensual layer of public experience.

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