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„Without previous experience in research, I found the Queen’s MSc program to be welcoming and engaging as well as both challenging and rewarding. The faculty and staff give students a wealth of opportunities to explore topics of interest, exposing students to new ideas and fresh ways of thinking. The 12 month program allowed me to develop my research skills and prepare for a cheap jerseys china career in academic research, which I am now pursuing as a doctoral candidate.“Kimberley Mosher MSc, Marketing, 2012 2013, starting PhD 2013 2014Queen’s School of Business is one of the world’s premier business schools renowned for exceptional programs, outstanding faculty and research, and the quality of its graduates. It is home to a strong research environment where you will collaborate with leading faculty who are widely published in peer reviewed journals, giving you the chance to deeply explore issues that interest you. Research seminars, visiting scholars, research opportunities with faculty, and a host of workshopsprovide a stimulating environment to learn. Students work and study in our modern facilitiesincluding dedicated office space, computer lab, behavioural lab, wireless classrooms and have access to the research subject pool, and the latest software and database applications.Career Paths Employment opportunitiesPhD graduates go on to academic careers, and are employed in top tier universities in Canada and internationally.MSc graduates have an opportunity to enter into high quality PhD programs or pursue research analyst and consulting careers. The program is both theoretical and quantitative, and students should be comfortable with abstract conceptualization as well as quantitative methods and statistics.International Business is designed to introduce students to the key international management theories, trends, and phenomena as well as the methods that are used to study them. One of the core ideas in the program is to examine the ways in which internationalization changes an organization (small firms, multinational corporations, as well as non profits) in terms of their structure, processes, and strategic management. Students will also be exposed to the concept of national culture including the latest developments in cultural intelligence (ie. cross cultural interaction, communication, negotiation, international assignments, and the global mindset).In the Finance program students will develop a deeper grounding in finance theory, and empiricism and delves into advanced derivatives valuation, corporate finance, empirical topics in finance, and research methods. This is primarily for students from finance or economics backgrounds wishing to pursue a doctoral degree or a career in industry.Research in the Marketing program examines a range of marketing strategy and consumer behaviour phenomena. With internet technology empowering consumers in their ability to engage in value co creation with companies, research into how companies devise marketing strategy in this environment, and how customers proactively create value is leading to fascinating insights. In conducting research in the Marketing field, students will draw on a variety of background disciplines (such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, media and cultural studies, to name the most common), and research methods (behavioural, quantitative, and qualitative).The Organizational Behavior program is for students interested in developing and testing theory and research on people in organizational settings. The field draws on several disciplines (psychology, sociology, economics) and examines the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations. Good strategy clarifies why the organization exists and helps it to allocate its resources to create sustainable competitive advantage. Students cheap nfl jerseys from china may also apply for funding to present at a conference. Additional funding through fellowships, awards, bursaries and research assistantships are also possible.In addition students can expect $1000 cheap jerseys per year to attend a conference and an additional funding if presenting at a conference.Students wholesale cheap jerseys may also receive additional funding through fellowships, awards, bursaries, teaching and research assistantships.Articles Connexes: