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It breaks it down. Ergo I (we Brits) say 11 high quality designer replica stone 2, not 156lbs. Not criticising (I am a little, in jest), just a bit confused how you guys have never got that.Anyway, yeah we should probably go full metric for weight, our GPs and hospitals already do, but you take away my pints of beer from my cold dead hands, no way am I downgrading from 568ml to 500ml ;)I be willing to switch from my current plug to a world standard plug, but of course only if the whole world commits.

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11.) Don post things from webpage meme/corporate accounts. Posts must come from regular social media accounts. Just one day said „I make excellent ____, I’ll make some for you!“ (Then me, saying yes, bc I assume he will bring it for lunch at work like a normal).

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And I’d just kind of rub my eyes and pick up a drum, which was just lying on the floor, and start playing. This was a constant thing. It was a never ending musical conversation.“. None of the major parties (Congress and BJP) will get an absolute majority if an election is held tomorrow. I will feel sad for India if we end up having a mid term election as regional parties will emerge powerful. And that won’t augur well for the economy and politics of India..

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