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Massages facilitate better blood circulation, relieving me of body aches due to the long hours of sitting at work, the 27 year old said. The range of services offered at the spas and salons are varied and often are a combination of beauty and health. Hair spas are combined with head, neck, shoulder and back massages, pedicures and manicures come with complimentary arm and leg massages, and body spas usually involve the use of ayurvedic and essential oils and scrubs that give the skin a renewed glow.

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Airbnb isn’t just indexing homes for travelers and Uber isn’t just indexing a directory of cars; they are using the Internet enabled, location aware smartphone to create new types of transactions and value in the physical world. Even more recently, startups are now becoming insurers, lenders, and credit providers. Not long ago they would have merely organized financial information.

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